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Remote Assessment using Remote Reviewer Remote Assessment using Remote Reviewer

Simple and effective Remote Assessment

Remote Reviewer is an online platform that provides secure and flexible solutions for conducting assessments and evaluations remotely. With the power of xAPI technology, data is efficiently captured and stored, making it easier to manage and track results. Whether you need to assess employees, students, or customers, Remote Reviewer is the ideal solution for conducting assessments and evaluations in a remote environment.


Works on any browser and mobile device. Capture, Upload or link to a video


Built on the power of Experience API (xAPI).

Cost Effective

Simple plans to adapt to change and scalability


Video can be reviewed anywhere at any time*.


Remote Reviewer provides all the necessary tools and features to make the process of conducting assessments and task checks simple and efficient. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, you can easily manage and track your assessments, evaluations, and task completions in a secure and flexible environment

Creative Design

Clean and simple layout with easy navigation

Multiple Learning Record Stores

use Multiple Learning Record Stores to save assessment or task results


Built in xAPI Learning Record Store Reporting

Video Assessment

Use YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 or record video direct from device~


Manage and Assign Multiple disciplined task reviewers


Create and use Checklist to mark of tasks

xAPI Data

Use your own Learning Record Store or we'll create one for you.

AI Integration

Use AI to generate task lists

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